̃ SEDINDIA are an independent consulting team working in the field of environment. We provide consulting services and sustainable solutions for the infrastructure projects, industrial projects and the social development projects.

̃ SEDINDIA believe that the key to success is the ability to work effectively with the clients to define, address, and resolve their environmental concerns. We offer technical talent, specialized expertise, physical resources and requisite facilities that are important in responding to environmental issues. The quality of work and timely completion of the project is of vital importance in each assignment that we embark on.

̃ The delivery of adequate environmental services and improvements is crucial if we are to safeguard our health, to protect our environment, and to improve overall productivity. One of our most distinguishing expert disciplines is our eminence in preparation of comprehensive EIA and EMP for various development projects involving infrastructure projects, industrial projects and the social development projects. The project involves road construction/widening, shopping complex, community centre, small-scale industrial setup, freight complex, resource extraction etc.

̃ OUR responsibilities include baseline data collection with respect to air quality, noise, water quality and soil. Assessment of likely impacts for construction and operation phases of the project and management plan.

̃ Our area of specialization also includes expertise in satellite data preprocessing, post processing and visualization of large modeled dataset etc. Besides, our expert team in GIS tools allows us to create interactive queries, analyze the spatial information, edit map, data, and present the results of all these operations.

̃ SEDINDIA also works on projects like Vegetation Mapping, Forestry Mapping, Watershed and DEM preparation using different types of satellite imageries, Linear features mapping (roads, river, pipelines etc.), Mapping of two dimensional features like the polygon features, Mapping of urban point features like the landmark features etc, Hydrological mapping projects, Preparing GIS based database etc.

̃ SEDINDIA establish closer links among scientists from Government and non-Government departments and universities, IITs, research institutions and private bodies.

̃ The saga of SEDINDIA” has published a quarterly journal “Environment & We: An international Journal of Science & Technology (EWIJST)” which is Started in year 2006. The key mission of EWIJST is to foster sustainable development by supporting peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and disciplinary research on science & technology, developing scientific capacity, capitalizing on development experiences, promoting policy dialogue, and strengthening networks within the community."                                                     More details

̃ SEDINDIA also held conference, seminars, symposiums, workshop and special lectures in different part of country with collaboration of other allied organization.

̃ National Conference on “Recent Trend in Environment and Development” (RTED-2011)  More details

̃ The 5th Annual International Convention on Climate Change & Water (C3W2018) organized by Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, in association with SED INDIA at SGVU, Jaipur premises on 9-11 Feb, 2018 More details

̃ National Conference on“Emerging Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Development” on March 21-23, 2018, Organized by SED India and Swami Shraddhanand College, University of Delhi  More details




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Society for Environment and Development, (India)