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 ISSN: 0975-7112 (Print) 				ISSN: 0975-7120 (Online)

Volume 15, Number 2

July-December 2020

Contents (7 Articles)

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Water Resources of Indian Himalayan Region (IHR): A Synthesis in the Context of Climate Change,

Vaibhav E. Gosavi, Sandipan Mukerjee, Kireet Kumar, Rajat Thakur and Ashutosh Tiwari


 81– 89

Land Use/Land Cover Change Matrices Analysis of Sibsagar District Assam Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques,Narayan Chetry and Madine Hazarika


Assessment of Dominant Macrophytes and Paradigm for Emerging Invasion Dynamics in Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Satish Kumar# and Tuisem Shimrah


Impact of Climate Change on Plants and Pollinators

Seema Talwar and Nupur Mondal


Lichens as Bioindicators and Biomonitoring Agents

Kadambini Das Nikita Goel, Pooja Baweja, Adesh Rani P. L. Uniyal


Mapping of Vulnerable Landslide Zones by Large Scale Mapping in and around Devprayag Area along National Highway 58 Uttarakhand India

Kush Kumar, Varun Joshi and Prakash Biswakarma


Temporal and Spatial Assessment of Physico-chemical Properties in Surface and Groundwater in the Himalayan Foothill (Uttarakhand) India Rajdeo Kumar, Triveni Shanker Verma, Abhishek Chandra, Manoj Kumar and Laxmi Rawat



 [Print Issue Published on: December  31, 2020]