Aims and Scope


Aims & Scope


Mission Statement

"The key mission of EWIJST is to foster sustainable development by supporting peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and disciplinary research on science & technology, developing scientific capacity, capitalizing on development experiences, promoting policy dialogue, and strengthening networks within the community."

Editorial Policy

EWIJST is devoted to environmental problem and solution with their surrounding of particular global importance, in which communities are often marginalized. EWIJST seeks to present the best in recent research on, and development approaches in, the world's mountain systems.

All articles are peer-reviewed and offer internationally and nationally relevant research on key topics for environment, science and technology.

EWIJST has 2 sections for peer-reviewed articles. Papers may either address a scientific community interested in environment, sustainable development, development-oriented research, and interdisciplinary interaction of science and technology; or they may address a multi-disciplinary community of development-oriented researchers, policy-makers, decision-makers, project planners, and people in educational institutions. Disciplinary or sectoral papers are welcome provided they address an audience broader than that dealing with the specific research field presented. Book reviews presented in EWIJST are written by acknowledged and multidisciplinary experts of subjects.

Open Access

EWIJST provides open access to all of its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public, especially in developing countries, supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Open access leads to increased readership beyond the boundary of research and development community, thus increasing the benefits of knowledge on, and experience in, scientific research development presented in EWIJST. Open access also results in increased recognition and citation of authorsí work. In order to help defray the costs of publication and the loss of income from subscriptions, authors are requested to pay a publication fee.

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