Volume 7, Number 2

July-December 2012

Text Box: Environment & We 
An International Journal of Science & Technology
 ISSN: 0975-7112 (Print) 				ISSN: 0975-7120 (Online)


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Implication of vegetation filters for sustainable wastewater treatment and bioenergy production, Mohini Singh and R.K Srivastava


Biosorption of Zn (II) from Aqueous Solution as well as From Electroplating Waste Water Using Fungal Biomass, Narsi R Bishnoi, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Garima Nagpal



Bioremediation of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution using Modified Bagasse Fly Ash, Husk of Cajanus Cajan and Waste Carbon, B.S.Chauhan, A.K.Singh and Amrita Kaushik



Lead in Various Environmental Environments  - Their Corrosion and Mitigation, F. A. Ansari, M. A. Quraishi, Sudheer, U. S. Lal and A. Singh



Soil Carbon Sequestration vis-à-vis Soil Management , Gopal Shukla, D N Koul and Sumit Chakravarty


Anaerobic Treatment of Dairy Effluent by Using UASB Reactor, Rajesh Kumar Lohchab and Savita Verma


Indigenous Fungal Isolates of Barytes Mine Contaminated Agricultural and Barren Soils In Ysr Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India, G. Durga Prameela, M. Nagalakshmi Devamma and T.N.V.K.V.Prasad