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 ISSN: 0975-7112 (Print) 				ISSN: 0975-7120 (Online)

Volume 14, Number 2

July-December 2019

Contents (7 articles and 1 Short Communication)

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Assessment of Urban Heat Island in India using Geospatial Technology- A Review, Rajveer Kaur and Puneeta Pandey

 89– 109

Assessment of Ambient Air Quality and Air Quality Index of Selected Industrial Estates of West Tripura District, Tripura State, India,, Mahesh Kr. Singh, BishuKarmakar, Rajib Paul


Application of Geospatial Technology for Landscape Monitoring in and around Mangampetabarytes Mine, Andra Pradesh India,

M. Prasad, M. Ramakrishna Reddy and V.Sunitha


An Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Varanasi District using Water Quality Index and Multivariate Statistical Techniques, Deepak Gupta, GurudattaSingh, Amit Kumar Patel, Reetika Shukla, Upanishad Mishra,, Virendra Kumar Mishra


Effect of some Organic co-pollutants on Decolorization of Reactive Violet 1 dye by an Indigenous Microbial Strain from Textile Wastewater, Yogita Prabhakar, Anshu Gupta, Anubha Kaushik


Assessment of groundwater quality with reference to fluoride and prevalence of dental fluorosis among school children: A Study of Panipat town (NCR) Bhupinder Singh and Anuradha


Isolation and Characterization of Hydrocarbon utilizing Microbes from Petrochemical Contaminated Site Shalini Gupta and Bhawana Pathak


Short Communication

Selected Indigenous Rice Genotypes of NE India under Submergence

Krishna Talukdar, Ranjan Das, Sangita Das, Rowndel Khwairakpam



 [Print Issue Published on: December 31, 2019]