Environ. We Int. J. Sci. Tech. 13 (2018) 93-98††††††††† †††††† Full Paper

Ecophysiological Characterization of Native Cyanobacterial species Oscillatoria wilei in Sewage Wastewater


Lalita Rana and Rajesh Dhankhar

Department of Environmental Science,

Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak 124001 Haryana.††

*Email:lalita.777@gmail.com;PhNo. -91-9255533141.




In the present study, growth performance of Oscillatoria wilei, cyanobacterial species isolated from sewage water irrigated soil, was analysed for higher biomass production in different concentrations(25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)of sewage wastewater. Results showed that the studied species showed good performance in sewage wastewater as is evident from the increased biomass and photosynthetic pigments. Sugars and proteins also get increased after showing an initial decline. It may be concluded that native Oscillatoria wilei have become tolerant to toxic contaminants of sewage waste water due to its long exposure and can be utilized for high biomass production, to be used further for various commercial purposes.


Keywords: Cyanobacteria;† Biochemical constituents; Cyanobacteria; Chlorophyll; Sewage waste water

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Volume 13, Number 1

January-June 2018