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An International Journal of Science & Technology
 ISSN: 0975-7112 (Print) 				ISSN: 0975-7120 (Online)

Volume 11, Number 1-2

June 2016


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Response of Saffron Plant (Crocus sativus L.) against Particulate Pollutants around industrial belt Khrew, Kashmir, Rouf ur Rafiq and D M Kumawat,


Effects of Co-substrates on Biodegradation of AzoDyes: A case study of Marine Bacteria, V. Sreelekshmi, M. Lekshmi and Ayona Jayadev


Tree Diversity and Population Structure in Sacred and Non-sacred Forests on Karst Landscape in Meghalaya, Northeast, India, Bshar Samir Bdoor




In Vitro Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity ofBioproducts Extracted from Silkworm Pupae, Priyadharshini Pachiappan, P. Mohanraj, C.A. Mahalingam, S. Manimegalai, G. Swathiga1 and A.Thangamalar